Yonkly Groups and new Look

We finally got around to releasing a new version of yonkly.  We have cleaned up the look and feel of the site and I think it looks better now.


We added a new feature that allows you to create groups.  You can create a group such as “MVC Developers” or “My Soccer Team” where members of that group can discuss things related to the group without “polluting” the public timeline.

Currently, you can only create public groups but in the next release, we will include the ability to create private groups that are only viewable by group members.

When creating a new group, you can choose to have members auto approved which will automatically approve any member who wants to join.  If you choose manual approval then you (the group owner) will have to approve/reject every member manually.


So go ahead and try it out.

Check out available groups at http://yonkly.com/group/list

Create a new group at http://yonkly.com/group/new

Or join the “Yonkly Ideas” group at http://yonkly.com/group/YonklyIdeas

Let me know what you think.