Yonkly Source Code

[UPDATE] Source code is now available in codeplex at http://www.codeplex.com/yonkly

I apologize for the delay of releasing the source code for Yonkly (the twitter clone).

The code is still not 100% ready but I have received so many requests for the source code and figured it is better to put something online until I clean it up than wait until I reach perfection (a moving target).

In the near future, the source code will be in a code sharing site for all to contribute and play with. Basically anyone who’s got a decent broadband service at home can download and go tweaking the code. We are currently using assembla and will open it up to the public very soon

In the meantime, here is a fully functioning project that I just converted to Preview 3 this morning (so you might run into some issues).  Get it here and read the included readme file.

Also, I would like to thank Justine for making this possible.