Live Mesh – Microsoft Finally Does Something Right

Personally, I am a huge fan of Microsoft but it has been very frustrating lately seeing all the “cool” stuff coming from Google and Apple.  So I got really excited when I heard about Live Mesh from Microsoft and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  I am tired of running Groove to sync my computers and FolderShare to sync my mac.


Imagine having all your computers (PCs and Macs) and devices synced together and accessible from anywhere.  Imagine right-clicking a folder and adding it to a mesh to find it replicate through all your devices and computers as well as become accessible on the web.  This is what mesh promises to do.  Based on videos and blog posts that I have been reading and watching, it seems pretty slick.

Unfortunately, it is in technical preview and there is a waiting list.  Plus, currently, it only supports windows XP and Vista with more devices and mac support coming in the future.


I think for this to be successful, it will have to:

  1. Support Windows Mobile devices
  2. Support Mac
  3. Support the iPhone
  4. Have unlimited storage
  5. be free

I am not sure how much it will be and if people will pay for it.  And if it is made free, how will Microsoft monetize.  I am not sure I will want to pay for it unless it solves all my sync problems.  It would also be nice if Microsoft Application can seamlessly work with the Mesh.  Imagine, if your Outlook data is automatically synced with all your mesh-connected devices without the need for Exchange server.


If you can’t wait for Live Mesh, you can try SugarSync.

Finally, Microsoft does something that is innovative and exciting.

Learn more about Live Mesh over here: