Synchronize Outlook Tasks with Remember the Milk

Outlook 2007 is by far the best integrated solution for organizing your life.  You can drag an email to the calendar and voila you got an appointment linked to the email message.  You can flag an email and it becomes a task/to-do item.  You can categorize/tag emails, tasks, appointments and contacts.  Everything just works.  The only problem is it is tied to one machine and there is no easy way to keep the same information on your desktop, work pc and laptop without an exchange server.

I use Gmail through IMAP so my emails are synced.  I use Google’s calendar sync, so my calendar is synced with Google’s calendar.  I sync with my iPhone, so my contacts are synced but there is no way to sync my tasks.  So, I wrote this simple tool to sync to Remember the Milk (RTM) task manager with Outlook tasks.  It is not 100% working yet and has some bugs, so I decided to release as open source and hopefully someone will start hacking at it and take it to the finish line.

The project is released under the Microsoft-Pl license.  I have no idea what that means, I just picked a license from the list.  It was all Greek to me.

You can find the source code and more information at

I hope that helps and let me know if you have questions understanding my self-explaining, self-healing, undocumented code and remember they are not bugs, they are undocumented features ;)

PS: This is the first time I release an open source project, so let me know if I am doing something wrong.