My Elevator Pitch

I found this cool site that has a free wizard which helps you build your elevator (15 second) pitch. Here are some of my pitches:


My name is Emad Ibrahim and I am a consultant specializing in .net development. I architect, design and create software. I can do it faster and better than the competition. Unlike other consultants, I don’t want to milk a contract to make more money. I want to finish on time and under budget, so I can have a happy customer and repeat business. Call or email me for a free consultation – I would love to help you even if you get someone else to do the job.


My name is Emad Ibrahim and I am an entrepreneur specializing in web development and new media.. I create software applications and web services using the latest technologies and embracing new web and social trends. I understand the online landscape and stay up to date on what is hot and what is not and how to tap new technologies to improve your business and your life. Contact me for partnership opportunities. I have learned that I can’t do it all alone.


My name is Super-E and I am a super hero. I can read and write computer languages incomprehensible to humans. I also have the ability to create self-healing programs and an expert bug exterminator. I like to guide people and business on how to use computers to improve their work and personal life. If you have any questions that only a superhero can answer, then call on Super-E.

Creative Commons License photo credit: zukker

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