Hacker News

I am not really a fan of talking on the phone or chatting on IM or texting or being active in a social network or a forum. I check my Facebook account once a month and adamantly refuse to accept any application requests. “JoeBlah sent you a vampire bite” seriously?!?

I would rather have a real conversation or a real meeting – if possible of course – than spend the whole day tweeting about how good my soup is and what show I am watching or pondering if the fridge light stays on when I close the door.

Cannon Detail
Creative Commons License photo credit: Lee Coursey

With that said, what this post is really about is that I found a new online addiction – Hacker News. I love this site. It is simple. It is easy. It has quality content. It has quality users. There are no advertisements. The collective community seems intelligent, decent and very active.

My post a few days ago got submitted on hacker news and I received tons of comments – useful and helpful comments. Take a look for yourself http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=142154

Hacker News is new to me, so I don’t know much about its history but based on my few days of experience, it is simply a community driven news site not unlike digg, newsvine, mixx, etc… The only difference is that this site is not about traffic, is not about gaming the site to get to the front page, is not about advertising revenues, is not about emailing hundreds of your “friends” to “digg” your post, it is ALL ABOUT CONTENT. Just a simple place to go read what like-minded techies think is hot or worthy of reading. With today’s information load, I can definitely appreciate any help I can get – specially if it is from the collective wisdom of the crowd.

I am curious though to know the age group of the readers. I get the feeling there is a lot of people in their 20s but I also feel there are wiser voices in the crowd – aka older :)… Maybe I will setup a poll sometime for the hacker news readers – what do you think?