Downsizing My Budget

It is unbelievable how much shit I have been subscribed to and paying for. Even worse, how much of it, I don’t really need.

what he wants....
Creative Commons License photo credit: Keith Bacongco

I went through all my accounts and canceled all the non-essential stuff.

  1. Cable TV is gone – interestingly enough my media center croaked recently, it must have been a sign
  2. My Xbox 360 is dead and it is going to stay that way.
  3. Netflix is also gone. If I feel the urge, it’s redbox for a dollar or free from the library
  4. My paid online subscriptions are gone. If it is not free I don’t want it. I am only keeping am even canceling my Basecamp account
  5. I moved all my php websites to a new server at DreamHost and my cost went from $50 a month to $5.

Creative Commons License photo credit: rickOther things I am doing to cut cost:

  1. I am looking into moving my Rackspace server somewhere cheaper – I am paying $300/month
  2. I will switch to FIOS as soon as it is available in my area – any experiences with that?
  3. No more eating out
  4. Draft beer from now on – no more dirty martinis :(

Other tips anyone?