iPod Touch and iPhone

So I watched the video tour of the new iPod Touch and I was very happy. I was happy because I bought an iPhone. I couldn’t see a single reason to buy an iPod Touch over an iPhone – specially after Apple dropped the iPhone price by $200. The device – for all practical puroposes – is identical to the iPhone minus the phone, data access anywhere, stock app, weather app, camera, you get the point.

The only reason I could think of, is if you are not on AT&T and want the new touch UI. If you are on AT&T and buy an iPod touch, then I am sorry to say, you are not very bright. But again, Apple targets the “not so bright”, so you should be ok. Oh wait, I have a Mac and an iPhone…. Doh!!!

Give me one good reason why you would buy an iPod Touch and not an iPhone!!!