How to get 50x or more traffic?

My web site KB Shortcuts was featured on Microsoft’s AJAX web site and my traffic sky rocketed. I went from 1 or so hits a day to averaging around 50 and as high as 135 hits a day. It’s not too much traffic but relatively speaking it’s a 50x to 135x the traffic.


Another example is one of my blog entries was mentioned on ProBlogger (a high traffic site) and again my traffic exploded. Going from 2 or 3 views for that post to 250 (and it’s only 7 PM), it will probably be around 300 or so.


What is the moral of this post? Get linked on high profile/high traffic sites. I am not sure how sustainable this will be in the long run, but if I can get a few more of my blog posts featured on other high traffic sites then there should be a substantial increase in my traffic. I will update my blog in a week or so to report traffic patterns.

Do you have any good tips on how to give your traffic a shot in the arm?

[update] Increase your blog traffic. Get a blog rush.