It’s like having a reality tv camera for your desktop

I just discovered this productivity application online.

TimeSnapper is a tool that continually takes screenshots of your work. It makes timesheet recording a breeze and it helps you recover from unexpected crashes or lost data.

What a neat concept???  There is TimeSnapper Classis which is a free download and there TimeSnapper Pro which has more features and costs $40.  It will even calculate your productive and give you a score.

Productivity Score in day browser

Hmmm….  Maybe, I will run this for a week and create a time-lapsed screencast of how productive my whole week has been.  Let’s just hope my clients don’t see it.

Now that I think about it.  This tool is somewhat similar to Wakoopa except all your data is kept private and local and there is the screen shot aspect of it – which I think is pretty cool.