Visual Studio 2008 "Orcas" and Visual SourceSafe (VSS)

[Workaround below]

I just installed Beta 2 for VS 2k8 and everything went well.  Then I installed VSS and tried to open a project from VSS and it wouldn’t work…  If I open a solution or a project, it just takes me back to “My Computer”.  I tried both VSS over the Internet and over VPN.


When I click to open the solution, I get:


Opening a web site works fine…  I tried both a solution and a project file… same thing.  Anyone have an idea on what’s wrong?


I found a workaround…  Get latest version (recursively) through the VSS client then open the project in visual studio and it will work just fine.  You will have to be connected over VPN/network i.e. not over the Internet for this to work because the VSS client doesn’t support Internet access.