Google Reader Hacks

Here is a pretty comprehensive list of Google Reader hacks…

For those who want more out of Google Reader and can’t wait, check out the hacks below; among some, search within Google Reader (yeah!) and read native blog posts.


FireFox browser

Greasemonkey – Allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript, see the list.

I’ve listed a few hacks below, here’s the list.


1. Google Reader Preview Enhanced

Read native blog posts within Google Reader, no more limited by excerpt feeds as you can now read the actual page itself from within Google Reader…plus see and make comments right there within Google Reader.
You will see a preview button along the bottom of the RSS item:
eg. Add star, ShareEmail (Updated), Mark as read, Edit tags, Preview

Similar is a link to the Original article instead of having to click on the title.

2. Add a search box to Google Reader

Library clips :: Pimp up Google Reader with 15 Firefox hacks :: July :: 2007