Window Live Writer and Pictures

This is a test of WLW and its image/picture capabilities.

  • I ran the snipping tool.
  • Drew a box around the area I want to snip
  • Pasted the results into Windows Live Writer
  • It pasted this picture
  • I then selected the picture in WLW and selected the Effects tab
  • And added a Watermark “”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to set the watermark settings as a default for all my pictures :(Things I like:

  1. It was too easy and straight forward
  2. It creates thumbnail of the image and uploads it with the full size image
  3. Thumbnail (i.e. displayed picture) size is customizable and can be dragged to any size
  4. It tells you in the status bar the sizes of the thumbnail and the full image
  5. You can add different borders around the picture

Things I did not like:

  1. No way to set default for all pictures. I am not going to type the watermark text and change the border for every single picture I paste (fortunately, I like the defaults).
  2. Not enough border effects
  3. You cannot select multiple pictures to apply the same effects to them at once
  4. There is no format painter
  5. Undo does not work with image edits e.g. delete the watermark, try to undo and it skips over the watermark delete i.e. edit carefully.

 What do you think about Windows Live Writer? Any good? So far, I like it.