28 things I hate about my iPhone (and yours)


  1. … can’t I address an SMS message to multiple recipients? This is bull**it.
  2. … doesn’t safari support flash?
  3. … doesn’t safari remember my passwords?
  4. … can’t I use a picture in the browser as my wallpaper?
  5. … can’t I download a picture from the safari?
  6. … can’t I save an attached picture to my wallpaper collection?
  7. … can’t I use a song as my ring tone?
  8. … can’t I record a voice message/note/memo?
  9. … does safari crash every few minutes?
  10. … is my YouTube collection tiny?
  11. … isn’t there a TO DO LIST???
  12. … can’t I backup my SMS messages, notes, bookmarks to my computer?
  13. … isn’t my Google maps application linked to my google account, so I can have my bookmarks, maps and addresses synced?
  14. … does it take hours to sync a few pictures? How hard this “optimizing for iPhone” thing really is?
  15. … isn’t there a “Playing now” list in the music player? There is a button that says playing now but it is not clear what albums are queued to play it only shows the tracks from the currently playing album?
  16. … can’t I add a song/album/artist to my currently playing list?
  17. … aren’t there ANY GAMES? What a waste for this beautiful screen?
  18. … can’t I configure my home page layout?
  19. … isn’t there a back/forward button? open mail, open message, click link. To get back to message, i have to go back home then open mail.
  20. … isn’t there a contact search? Can’t I just type “J” “o” and have it start matching all Johns, Joes, etc…?
  21. … does it not cache my email messages or web pages and seem to download them over and over?
  22. … are my SMS conversations for the same contact all bundeled into one conversation? eventually when there is 100+ messages with that contact it will take forever to load. It’s already taking a while to load my messages with my girlfriend and there is only about 20 or so.
  23. … isn’t there a weekly view in my calendar?
  24. … isn’t my calendar syncing categories/tags and their respective colors?
  25. … does YouTube crash a lot?
  26. … does my voicemail arrive an hour later?
  27. … isn’t there a simple way for me to call voicemail from the voicemail screen?
  28. … do I still LOVE my iPhone?

Any thoughts? Solutions?

PS: I think the clock application is perfect. The timer, stopwatch, world clock, and alarm are flawless.