I hate my iPhone

Ok… I am just kidding. I love this thing. What an awesome piece of engineering. But… Having used it for a few days, there are a few things I wish it had:

  1. To Do or Task list – really, how hard is it to add that!!!
  2. Voice Dialing
  3. Voice Notes
  4. Games… I know… A phone with no games!!! Solitaire would have been really nice on that touch screen.

The keyboard is pretty incredible and fast. I got used to it real fast. The music player is great too… The synchronization on windows vista went well except for pictures. It took like an hour to sync 10 pictures… Are you kidding me??? Fix this thing… iTunes takes like 6+ minutes to optimize a single picture and if you get a call or interrupt the optimization, it has to start all over… Come on Apple for $600 you should do better… And give me some games.