Use Skype to setup a wakeup call in Vista

You can setup a wakeup call using Skype in Vista (and XP too)…

  1. Start Task Scheduler
  2. Click on “Create Basic Task” on the right hand side
  3. Go through the wizard
    1. Setup a name e.g. Wakeup for Bootcamp
    2. Setup the frequency e.g. Weekly
    3. Select schedule e.g. 6 AM, Monday through Friday
    4. Select “Start a program”
    5. Type “c:\Program Files\skype\phone\skype.exe” in the program/script textbox
    6. Type “/callto:0017039891092” in the arguments textbox
    7. Click Finish…

Skype will call you at 6 AM every weekday. Don’t forget that you will be charged for that call about 2 cents per minute. Don’t forget to pickup and then hangup again otherwise, it will go to your voicemail and Skype will leave you a really long and silent message (and you will be charged for it).